28-1-2023 15:38
NEN 4400 voor IMS
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IMS de gruijter meijerink & partners are closely involved with the Chinese artist Li Xinhui and his art. Xinhui was born in Kunming, Yunnan Province in December 1970. He is a founding member of the Yuanmingyuan artist community and a forerunner within the avant-garde in China. Xinhui graduated from Kunming Art and Design College in oil painting, sculpture and traditional Chinese painting.

His creative vision on art is to be considered as a metaphore for our personal approach to people and their working area for which we perform!

Why always paint stars? ‘Because stars are always changing! For me stars symbolize many things like freedom, hope, space, time, death, birth, rules and spontaneity, and even life itself. Stars connect my past and future and are the hiding place for all my questions.